Disposable Surgical Caps for Surgeons

Disposable Surgical caps medical hair caps for sale

Disposable Surgical caps are an essential element of a nurse surgeon or surgical scrub and are considered necessary personal protective clothing. They are placed in the scrub room before entering the operating room and then removed in the scrub room, too. Surgical caps function to prevent contamination of the operating field from microorganisms originating from hair or scalp personnel. To fulfill this purpose, it is important for the surgical cap to cover the entire hair of the user.

The surgical scrub hat not only protects the patient but also prevents the surgery team from being contaminated by potentially infectious substances.

Colorful Reusable Surgical Caps

The colorful cotton surgical caps that people may know from American TV shows are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Many of our surgical caps are available in a variety of solid colors, such as blue, black, green, or dark blue, or with a variety of floral and other tie-dye motifs if you don’t care about solid white, green, pink or blue designs. At Praxisdienst, you will find a variety of colorful surgical caps that are “Made in the US”, as well as others which are also available in a bandana or bouffant style; all offered at affordable prices.

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Disposable Surgical Caps

Unlike the fabric used for reusable surgical caps, disposable surgical caps are most often made from lightweight nonwoven fabrics. These scrub caps are only thrown away after use, eliminating reprocessing costs and making it an economically attractive alternative.

Disposable surgical caps are available in many variations for different users. From the exact fit of surgical caps for short hairstyles to bob-style caps for users with long hair and even astronaut caps to cover the entire head and ear area, Praxisdienst offers you the right disposable surgical caps to meet your needs.

Order a Surgical Cap from Praxisdienst

Praxisdienst gives you a comprehensive selection of disposable surgical caps and reusable scrub caps at affordable prices. All of our available surgical caps provide a high level of protection for both users and patients and are ideal for use during all types of operations. This is only one part of the whole garment; Therefore, we also offer you a wide selection of scrubs and scrub clothes for use in the operating room, as well as male, female and unisex scrubs and tops for use in all other areas of your health facility.

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