Bouffant Hair Caps – Prevents Cross-Contamination

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Disposable Bouffant Caps (Non-Woven) is used to prevent various types of bacteria and dirt from spreading to the environment.

The last thing consumers want to find in food or pharmaceutical products is human hair and for this reason, a hygienic work environment is very important for businesses that make or bundle consumer food products, assemble electronics, , pharmaceuticals,  or treat patients.

Hospitals need to keep wounds free from infection and factories are not able to stop production or withdrawal of products due to human contamination so many people seek help by applying disposable hair caps to their production workers. Light and comfortable to wear, inexpensive, easy to use, and provides effective protection against product contamination. Bouffant caps or hair caps also keep a person’s hair out of their eyes when working and this increases productivity.

Bouffant caps are most often used in hotels, commercial kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, etc. Bouffant Surgical Caps are also available for surgery. Because of their efficiency and environmental friendliness, the demand for dilapidated caps is high in the market.

Bouffant caps are different from hairnets. Hairnets are made of nylon or polyester mesh and are designed to stretch your hair and head down but if you look closely, you will see the plait effect. Plaits have openings or holes that can accidentally let the hair pass through while bob caps are made of layers of cloth that are free of holes. Another difference between hair nets and bob caps is that they are slightly disguised when worn while the bob hat stands precisely making it easier for compliance checks. Bouffant Caps also present a clean impression for guests who might visit the factory for a tour.

Lak Medical Supply offers a variety of disposable bob caps for various work assignments. They provide sanitary protection for a cleaner working environment, eliminating cross-contamination, and keeping hair out of one’s face and eyes when working.

Our bob sarongs are available in various fabrics, colors, and sizes such as 18-inches, 21-inches, 24-inches, or 28-inches which are ideal for anyone with ‘big hair’. Each headgear is made with a comfortable, latex-free elastic band that keeps the bouffant in place and the hair tucked.

It is made from 100% non-woven material. It has a complete hair covering made of lightweight polypropylene fiber that is comfortable and thermally bonded with an encapsulated elastic edge. High air permeability provides good ventilation to the head.

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