When Do You Need to Wear Safety Goggles?

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Safety goggles are a necessity for those who work in a place where there is a potential for eye injuries. It is vital to wear the right kind of protecting eye gear in environments where there are chemicals and materials being handled that can get into the eyes and hurt them. In addition, some workplaces also require you to comply with OSHA requirements. lt is very important that you protect your eyes and face against chemicals and radiological as well as mechanical irritants.

Maximum Protection

People who work in the construction industry and those who are involved in carpentry or medical care as well as electrical work are those who require maximum protection of their eyes. Even if you work in what is deemed a safe environment, it is important to protect your eyes from injuries. Here is a brief look as to why safety goggles are a necessity:

  • If you work in an environment where there are dust and metal as well as concrete or wood flying about, then you need protective eyewear
  • The same holds true for those who work in environments where liquid or gaseous chemicals are present
  • If you need to protect your eyes against radiation such as visible light or UV light or heat or even infrared and lasers, then you need protective eyewear
  • Safety goggles are also a necessity for those who are working in environments where there is a presence of bloodborne pathogens such as HIV or hepatitis

OSHA Requirements

Your employer must shoulder the responsibility of providing you with the right kind of protective eyewear as laid down by the OSHA requirements; when choosing such items, it is important to look for certain features. These include:

  • The ability to withstand high impacts
  • The ability to protect your eyes and face by having a tight and form-fitting facial seal
  • The ability to protect your entire eyes against hazards that may come from any direction
  • The ability to be worn over your prescription glasses or contact lenses

Perfect Protection

Safety goggles that have the abovementioned features will prove perfect protection to your eyes. It is important that you remember to wear them at all times. The fact is the law states that you have to wear protective eyewear in any workplace where there is a presence of various eye hazards. Keep in mind that you should injure your eyes, you will experience a lot of pain and in some cases, and the damage may be permanent. So, it makes sense to protect your eyes at all times. It is also a good idea to keep in mind that eye injuries can happen at any time and they may also occur without any prior warnings. This is another reason to wear protective eyewear.

Safety the Number One Priority

It is important that your employer makes safety their number one priority at the workplace. If you would like to know whether your work requires the use of safety goggles, then you can consult the Advanced Safety & Health guidelines. It is also a good idea to consult a safety expert to find out whether or not you need to wear protective eyewear at your workplace.

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